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Employment Investigation

Punjab Detective is the leading private detective agency that aptly aids the employers in proficiently conducting the employment screening, pre-employment verification and post-employment verification around all over Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and other parts of India and all over the globe. The corporate investigators at Punjab Detective are well aware about the fact that employment investigation indulges sensitivity and keen scrutiny. We offer various option packages to meet your particular needs and we will provide clear and concise reports.

Pre-Employment Verifications

In this category of employment investigation, we offer wide range of Pre-Employment verification services. Scrutiny of resumes submitted by the candidates and extraction of correct identity, family, address,educational qualification, financial position, criminal record, reference checks, creditworthiness medical history and all the details of the employee. Our corporate investigators will give comprehensive details about all the candidates.
Our investigationensures accurate & current information and we summarize it and provide you easy to understand investigative report. Our Corporate Detective agency is potential to providequick resultsas we understand it is irrational to wait for long time. Investigation team at Punjab detective work with you and according to your specified needs.

Post-Employment Verifications

In every sort of business, an employee has access to confidential informationabout the conduct and contacts, so it becomes essential for the employers to have the clear cut idea about every movement of your employee. Besides, Pre-Employment Investigation, Punjab Detective offer specialised services in ascertaining the post-employment investigation. The team of professionalised corporate detective are highly experienced to handle cases of internal frauds, Theft by employees, Misappropriation of information and Industrial Espionage, Copyright, Patent and Trademark infringement. An employee who has access to databases and confidential information about a company has a higher chance of causing severe damages to the company. It is quite vital not to ignore the integrity part of employees at management level. The motto of our post-employment investigation is to provide cost effective, accurate as well as fast information as per client's need.

Our National & International Network

We have network of specialized and skilled detective & private investigators in the fellowing cities, states and Countries also except India respectively.

Countries : India, Nepal, SriLanka, Hongkong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, United Kingdom (U.K), Germany, Italy, United States of America (USA), Canada.

States : Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, west Bengal, Maharashtra,  

Major Cities : new delhi, chandigarh, jalandhar, amritsar, ludhiana, dehradun, haridwar, roorkee, agra, aligarh, kanpur, jhasi, lucknow, vasanasi, ambala, kalka, yamuna nagar, gurgaon, udaipur, jaipur, jaisalmer, surat, ahemdabad, gandhi nagar, patna, kolkata, mumbai, pune, nasik,

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