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How to conduct a physical surveillance obviously a professional private detective and investigator can conduct a good physical surveillance, because he has got the training for the same. But everyone can’t hire a professional private detective or services because they are highly expensive. And if you want to know Why they are that much (expensive) than this is the difference point of discussion and that is quite lengthy. We will discuss it in another session. So my purpose to write his article is like, Today good amount of people want to have the service of a private detective and Investigator in Jalandhar, Punjab and India. But they are not doing the same due to heavy cost. But they need this service, so I just want to tell you, How a common man can start and learn the physical surveillance, obviously it will take some time and you need to follow the points, Which I am going to discuss below. But before I unfold the secret of conducting the physical surveillance, We need to understand the meaning, and the importance of Physical Surveillance.

Definition: Physical Surveillance is basically keeping an eye on a given subject and watch his regular actives to find out the particular information, And it could be anything like it could be about him or anyone else, Who is associated to him. Physical surveillance is not time bound, it could be for a day, week, a month or more. It depends on the requirement of the client or Information we want.

Importance: Physical Surveillance is called a backbone of investigation trade because it is the alphabets of this language. Today we have line of tool and technique for the investigation. But there was a time when we have nothing except the Ground or field Investigation, Physical Enquiry and Physical Surveillance. And still they used to solve almost all the cases.

  • Wear a Neat and Clean clothes, n Try formals (You should look like a Marketing guy or Banker)
  • Your vehicle should be normal, no Extra accessories, Which can make your vehicle identical.
  • Visit the Place a day before to start.
    Keep a Water bottle and eatable like fruits
  • Never make an eye contact with subject
  • Don’t take too much pictures and Videos during surveillance
  • Maintain the distance of subject vehicle of around 30 to 40 feet.
  • Always drive on the light side from subject vehicle.
  • Back Up Story : is the fake reason to stay in the area like a banker, Insurance Agency or a recovery officer.
  • Conduct a pre-surveillance investigation as well as read all prior reports on the case, and know the places your target frequently visits.
  • Avoid being seen with a camera close by as the demonstration itself will draw attention.

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